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2015 Class Schedule

a hand full of us dollarsJoin Augusta Free Press at the Power Hour at Panera Bread in Waynesboro for our series of one-hour business classes. Class will start promptly at designated time. Most classes are only $10 per participant. Class does not include food. We ask that you purchase food or drink from Panera. Food and drink is not included in the ticket price.

Date TBA: Mobile Websites 101
Date TBA: Social Media Marketing After Facebook
Date TBA: How to Get and Retain Customers
Date TBA: Websites 101
Date TBA: Getting Past the Ad Rep BS
Date TBA: Marketing on a Budget

Classes are limited to first 25 people – sign up today! To register with a credit card by phone, please call (540) 949-6574.


Mobile Websites 101
Date TBA
$10 per participant

Did you get a threatening-sounding email from Google telling you that if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then your site will no longer show up in mobile searches on Google? Just over half of all web traffic and e-commerce sales come from smartphone and tablet users. Do you have a strategy for how your business can generate more business from mobile? Mobile Websites 101 from Augusta Free Press provides a foundation for how you can better leverage your business to take advantage of the mobile revolution.
Topics include:
– Is my current website mobile-friendly?
– Is my best bet the app route? (Not unless you want to spend a lot of money.)
– Can I maintain my branding on my mobile site?
– Do I need a whole new mobile website? Or can I tweak my existing site to cover both bases?


Social Media Marketing After Facebook
Date TBA.
$10 per participant

It used to be relatively easy to market your business on Facebook. You started a business Facebook page, got people to like it, posted updates to the page about your business, people saw them, and you got sales. Now that Facebook is throttling your posts to limit the number of people who can see them without you paying for ads, you’ve got to do some rethinking. Does Facebook even work for your business anymore? Social Media Marketing After Facebook from Augusta Free Press offers insight into how you need to focus your social media strategy.
Topics include:
– Is Facebook still something that I can use to boost my business?
– If I spend money on Facebook ads, how much is enough, and how do I best spend it?
– How can I get Twitter to work for my business?
– What other social media platforms can work to boost sales?


How to Get and Retain Customers: Using Your Website, Mobile Site, Social Media, Ads to Build Your Business
$20 per participant

This class covers all five topics from our Building the Machine 2015 series in one two-hour setting.
Topics include:
– Websites 101
– Mobile Websites 101
– Social Media Marketing After Facebook
– Marketing on a Budget
– Getting Past the Ad Rep BS: How to Best Spend Your Ad Dollars on TV, Radio, Newspapers, More


Websites 101
Tuesday, June 9, Noon to 1 p.m.
$10 per participant

Your business is online, or you’re developing a new website for your business. What do you need to make sure to include? And most importantly, how do you make sure the website translates into dollars toward your bottom line? Websites 101 from Augusta Free Press gives you a blueprint for what you need for your business website.
Topics include:
– Calls to action, and how you can help people find what you want them to find
– Use your website to collect new customer information
– The money page: the most important page on your website
– Search engine optimization (SEO)


Getting Past the Ad Rep BS: How to Best Spend Your Ad Dollars on TV, Radio, Newspapers, More
$10 per participant

The ad rep sitting across from you will tell you how important it is that you buy the big ad package that he has designed just for you. How do you have any idea of knowing if it’s going to work? Getting Past the Ad Rep BS from Augusta Free Press will arm you with information for your next meeting with the sales rep to put you on at least an even footing.
Topics include:
– How to look up newspaper and magazine circulation numbers, radio and TV ratings numbers and website traffic numbers
– Measuring viewers, readers and web visitors on a cost-per-thousand basis
– Demographics numbers on different forms of media to give you a sense of which can best reach your target audience
– Talk your way into the best deal possible with one bit of secret inside ad rep sales info


Marketing on a Budget
$10 per participant

You don’t have money for TV, radio, big newspaper ads, but you still need to get in front of customers and potential clients. But how? Marketing on a Budget from Augusta Free Press provides the first steps toward building a plan for best using your time and limited dollars to get your message out there.
Topics include:
– Developing and getting attention to good content for your website.
– How to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to make your business go viral
– Develop and build a newsletter list to touch base with customers and clients in their email inbox
– How to write and disseminate PR through the local media to get attention to your business



Registration: Please register in advance online or by calling (540) 949-6574. Your confirmation is your Paypal or Square receipt. No other confirmation will be sent.

Payment/Refunds: Payment is due in advance unless otherwise noted. No refunds will be given for any reason. In the event of a cancellation on our part for any reason, a credit will be issued for the amount of the class to you to use on future classes with AFP. Classes will be cancelled if they fail to meet the minimum student requirement.

Individual Classes: If your organization or company is interested in specialized classes for your staff, please contact us at (540) 949-6574 or to schedule a personalized session.