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Book Publishing

Augusta Free Press Publishing has been producing books in-house and assisting author clients with book publishing and production services since 2003.


AFP has worked with 17 authors to publish books:

  • Patrick Hite and Chris Graham, Mad About U: Four Decades of Basketball at University Hall, EBOOK edition, 2014
  • Al Dahler, Against the Grain, 2013
  • Chris Graham, Ridin’ the Pine, EBOOK only, 2012
  • Michael Waltz, The Hen and I: Tales from the Farm, 2012
  • C. Robert (Bob) Dickerman, My Daddy Fought the Cold War: Not Entirely Serious Tales of a Foreign Service Career, 2011
  • Duane Hahn, Looking Through the Rain, 2011
  • Gary Summers, A Heavenly View, 2010
  • Jim Bresnahan, Friday Night Reunion, 2010
  • Steven Britt, Looking Over My Shoulder, 2010
  • Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society, Death Notices from Extant Issues of The Rockingham Register, 2010
  • Duane Hahn, Shenandoah Moon, 2008
  • Bob Johnson, I Saw God: A Chaplain’s Experience at Ground Zero, 2008
  • Patrick Hite and Chris Graham, Mad About U Four Decades of Basketball at University Hall, 2006
  • Crystal Graham, Crystal Clear, 2006
  • Arjuna Schulenburg, Dancing Around Karma, 2006
  • Steven Sisson, Adventures in Warnerland: My political soap opera in Mark Warner’s Virginia, 2005
  • Chris Graham, Judge Not, 2005
  • Warren Evans, One Day at a Time, 2004
  • Chris Graham, Stop the Presses, 2004
  • Warren Evans, The Table is Forever, 2004
  • Warren Evans, Marvelous Maggie, 2003
  • Joe Morse, Virginia’s Country Stores
  • Nielsen Construction, 50 Year Anniversary


Manuscript review/analysis

Authors can submit their manuscripts for third-party review and analysis by Augusta Free Press. Your friends and family are bound to tell you that your manuscript is good and should be published. We can be your unbiased set of eyes.



We make sure your manuscript is as clean as possible. Spellcheck can only go so far.


Manuscript layout/cover design

We take your manuscript from Word to the page, including integrating pictures as you desire into the layout. We can also put together cover design for the front cover and back cover based on what you want them to look like.


Project management

We have existing relationships with printers, so there’s no need for you to worry about the details. We work with printers to schedule printing and delivery and also obtain the ISBN number for your book.


Marketing and Internet marketing

We can help you get your book in front of readers by designing a media-relations campaign and making contacts with newspapers, magazines and TV stations to get you free media attention and building a website for your book and integrating social media networks and e-mail newsletters into an organized Internet marketing campaign.