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Web Design

You want a new website, but don’t have the first clue as to how to build one. That’s our job. We take care of all facets of web design – visual design, layout design and content development.

Many web developers will focus what they do for you on the first of the three building blocks of a good website – the visual design. The visual design is important, but you need substance to go with the style.

Layout design encompasses how information about your business or nonprofit will be presented to people accessing your website. Organization is key to helping people find their way around your site – and to make your website serve as the best possible resource for your business or nonprofit as it can be.

Content development involves the information that people will be accessing. Clear, concise, complete – those are the guiding principles that we follow.


Get online for as little as $1,299

You’ve tried those so-called free websites, but you got what you paid for. Then you got a quote from a professional web developer: who won’t even talk to you for less than $5,000.

If you can’t do it for free, and you don’t want it to cost an arm and a leg, how do you get a leg up on your competitors on the web?

With Augusta Free Press, you can get your business working for you online for as little as $1,299.

Logos, graphics, content, video, plus links between your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages to your website.

Online sales. Visibility for your business on Google through our expert search engine optimization.

All of that and more.

Is your website working for you? If you’ve read this far, the answer is NO. Augusta Free Press can take you to YES.

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Web Portfolio

Access our full web portfolio online here.



If you or somebody on your staff wants to manage your website and your social media and e-mail newsletter campaigns once we get you up and running, we can get you there with one-on-one or group training aimed at giving you the tools you need to keep it up.